Dia dhuit Ireland!

For this year’s Easter, I journeyed to Ireland, more specifically to Galway. It started at 4am in the morning, last Thursday. I had booked a flight at 6:30 going to Dublin, so I had to leave really early. My lovely landlady drove me to the Coach Station where I had planned to take a Coach to the airport. I even bought a ticket in advance.

Well, as I was waiting, a Coach came in. It was 4:30 already and the Coach was supposed to be there at 4:25, but I thought that’s fine. Unfortunately, it was not my Coach. It was the one before that, which was supposed to leave at 4: 10. So the incredibly nice driver (cough…) just told us to wait for the next one. That’s when I started freaking out. I had for once calculated with not too much buffer time, so this was a major problem. I waited and waited and texted my poor friend that I was afraid to miss the plane. When it was close to ten to five, the girls standing next to me took matters in their own hands. They went over to the cab station and asked what that would cost. Since 52 pounds divided by four is less than by three, I barged in and asked to join them. I was really, really afraid of missing the plane at this point. So we decided to take the cab and go. The driver was very nice and drove really fast, so it took us only 40 minutes to get to the airport. Phew! The girls were on their way to Sweden for a holiday. I don’t remember their names but they were nice and I was so happy we made it in time.

I have no idea when the Coach actually arrived, but I think it is unacceptable that it was more than 20 minutes late (they are supposed to run every 15 minutes, for god’s sake!). I’ll try to get my money back, but that will be a story for another day.

So I was jogging to the security check – it’s a good thing I know the airport by know and don’t have to stop for directions. But of course it would have been too easy to just pass through there. They had to check me. Well, I beeped and they checked and then I walked through again and I still beeped. I have NO idea why. I have never had a problem with my necklace or earrings, so it can’t be them. Really weird. Well, they let me go in the end to get my stuff and then they had another surprise in store – they checked my liquids. Seriously, why me? I didn’t have time! Luckily they are not too strict about the amount of liquid you’re transporting, because I bent the rule of 5x100ml a little bit. I had about 7 different items in there, but not one of them had 100ml. So it was ok.

Finally through with all that checking, I looked for the gate number and jogged again. I made it just in time; they started boarding when I arrived at the queue. Finally, I had some luck, because I didn’t have to squeeze my suitcase into that box thingie. It wouldn’t have fit. Phew!

I had a seat next to the emergency exit, which was not the one I had reserved before, but since I was a bit late, my seat had already been taken by somebody else (that’s Ryanair for you). I didn’t really care either way, so I settled for that one. Those seats don’t have tables, but since Ryanair doesn’t offer free drinks, I didn’t need one, anyways.

The flight was uneventful, no problems with my ears or anything. We landed on time and I made my way to the Dublin Coach Station. Oh, wait. Before, I bought a bottle of water and a chocolate roll. To have some kind of breakfast.

Then I found a Coach going to Galway. It was not the one my friend had advised me to take, but I didn’t really care, because I just wanted to go into a Coach and sleep. The trip to Galway took another 3 hours. I had thought it would be only 2, so I tried to text my friend several times. Later, we found out that her German number is not in use and she didn’t give me the Spanish one. Great! But facebook works everywhere and I spent a couple pounds on roaming in Ireland. I have enough balance to spare, anyway.

My friend’s aunt picked me up at the Coach station and we went to the hotel where she and my friend were having a business lunch later. Finally, after three months, I was reunited with my little sheep (aka R.).

I will tell you more about the days in Galway soon, but now I have to go to rehearsal for theatre. See you!

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