About me

Hello dear reader,

thank you for showing interest in my blog!

About 5 years ago I decided to start a blog to keep my friends and family informed during my various stays abroad.

The first five months of 2013, I lived and studied in London, you can read all about my adventures during that time on this blog, just look into the London archive.

Afterwards I lived and worked in Barcelona, for another three months during the summer of 2013. My life there was very different, but still interesting and definitely challenging. I enjoy experiencing different cultures and learn languages, so that year was particularly exciting for me.

After finishing my bachelor’s degree in Germany in the Summer of 2014, I returned once more to London to get my masters degree. Of course, I continued this blog and shared some snippets of my life with whoever was (un)fortunate enough to read this blog. However, after I finished my degree and moved back to Germany, I didn’t have the time and heart to continue with the blog – so between Fall 2015 and the start of 2018, I didn’t post a single thing, even though many existing, fantastic but also devastating and sad things happened in between.

Now, in 2018, I resolve to write again. Not on a regular basis, and I don’t quite know what my topics will be, but I re-discovered writing in 2017 and feel ready to pour my thoughts out again. I am currently living in Düsseldorf and am working full-time in strategic HR.

Sharing my experiences with you guys – whether you are my family and friends or just stumbled upon this blog – is very important to me. If you enjoy my posts, please take a moment to write a comment or hit the like button. 🙂

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