London Archive

January 2013:


Exploring the Unknown

Meeting new friends

Experiencing university life

Me – Watching a baby?

Experimenting with theatre

A Trip to Wales I

A Trip to Wales II

Getting into the rhythm

February 2013:

People, Essays and some fun

A mad monday

The four day entry

London’s nightlife

Meeting the Mysteries

March 2013:

The Crazyness of Spring

The Secrets of Wizardly London

Karaoke Nights

Brick Lane Market – A Trip around the world

Going th Greenwich

April 2013:

Dia dhuit, Ireland!

Slán agat, Ireland!

Performances, Performances

A Visitor from Germany

Amsterdam Adventure Part I

Amsterdam Adventure Part II

Amsterdam Adventure Part III

May 2013:

Amsterdam Adventure Part IV

Summarizing the weeks

Sherlock Filmset


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