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A Trip to Hell on Halloween and other fun activities of the past weeks

Hello everyone!

Apologies for not posting anything lately, but I have to write so many essays for uni that I don’t really have any energy left to write my blog.

Anyhow, lots of stuff happened since the movie review. I went to Berlin to attend a conference, saw fireworks in London and finally registered with a GP. I had planned to write a huge post about Berlin on itself, but since that is already over two weeks ago, I’ll just summarize that trip for you.

I travelled with my friend (and former study colleague) R. and we started out from my place on a nice Wednesday afternoon, not thinking about anything that could go wrong. However, when we arrived at the Coach station to catch a bus to the airport, I knew this trip would not go quite as smoothly as we thought. There were many people waiting and apparently had been waiting there for quite some time already. The coaches were all delayed and everybody was wondering whether they would make it in time for their flight. We managed to miraculously get on a coach only about 15 minutes later and started to relax a little. But oh no, more trouble was to come. We were unlucky enough to get stuck in a traffic jam because there had been an accident on the road ahead. We had been in the coach for an hour already and technically should arrive in about twenty minutes when I looked at my google maps app to check where we were. I was shocked. The app told me, we were still an hour from the airport!

I shouldn’t have looked. From that moment on I was convinced we would miss the flight. Of course we had calculated a bit of puffer time, but an hour delay? Nah, we didn’t have that big of a time cushion. So when we finally arrived at the airport at 6:12 (technically, the gate should close at 6:10) we ran to the check-in counter to get them to call at the gate and wait for us. The staff told us that we were too late and had missed the flight and that we could purchase new tickets for the next day.

But we thought “Hell, no!” and ran for security check anyways. No harm in trying, eh? Of course, I had to go through a very thorough security check, beeping all over and taking off shoes and belt. Duh. My friend got through without beeping and started running for the gate, me following on her heels as soon as I was properly clothed again. When we arrived at the gate (which said final call, not closed, btw!) we were completely winded and ready to drop dead. There was quite a long queue, so we asked the people which flight they were waiting for. Guess what – IT WAS OURS! IT HAD DELAY!

We were quite glad and happy and smug that we had actually made it and NOT believed the staff at check-in. However, the happiness quickly diminished when the flight departed with over an hour of delay. When we arrived in Berlin it was only about 35 minutes delay, so we must have flown very quickly, but it still meant that we had missed two of the three train options we had selected to get to our hotel. Then we had to wait for our little suitcase, which technically is hand luggage but was taken from us anyway.

I went ahead to get the tickets for the train, but unfortunately there was a French couple in front of me, unable to properly use the ticket automaton. If my French would have been good enough to help, I would have done so, but Je ne parle plus le francais. My friend ran past me to stop the train from leaving, but even though we STILL missed it!

At that point, as you all can well imagine, we were furious, exhausted and depressed and just wanted to get to that hotel. So in the end, we took a taxi (we were internally crying about the amount of money that cost us and debating whether we should have just travelled without tickets) which then finally brought us to our destination.

The hotel was very nice, we got our room cards and then – oh glory! – we were able to sleep in very comfortable beds. It was after midnight at that point. We had started in London at 3pm. We had anticipated this trip to take us about 5 hours – not almost 9.

The next day however was quite positive, the conference was interesting, the people friendly and our presentation went well. In the evening we enjoyed a gala event with champagne and butter-filled Brezeln. On Friday, we headed home again and this time everything went well – almost too well, since we had allowed enough time for anything to go wrong and we ended up having to wait at the gate quite a while because we were so early. But we didn’t mind.

Yep, so that was our little horrifying trip to Berlin. It’s not my favourite city in the world and I was happy to be back in London again. It was Halloween that day, by the way and I had planned to go to a party, but I was too exhausted so I ended up doing a Halloween movie night with my friend (watching Scary Movie and Twilight. Both horror movies, yep! 😉 ).

Then Saturday evening, I went to see fireworks at Alexandra Palace with the au pairs from my neighbourhood. One of them had her birthday on Sunday and we were celebrating into that by watching the fireworks. It was quite lovely. Unfortunately, I had to work on Sunday so we didn’t stay out long afterwards.

I also went to see a movie last weekend at the International Student House. They regularly show movies for free, though nothing that is currently showing in the cinema. I went with my friend R. and the Norwegian girl (H.) I have mentioned before to see Pompeji (also known as Pompe II 😉 ). Not because we liked the movie but because of Kit Harrington who also plays Jon Snow in Game of Thrones. If you have never heard about Pompeji, the story and especially the ending might come as a shock to you. But I remember reading quite a lot about Pompeji when I was younger so I knew what would happen and could simply enjoy the Hollywood story they made out of it.

I guess this is all for now, I’ll have to tackle the next essay now. And what a choice I have: Taylorism, a case study about Luton Airport or comparing income inequality in Germany and the UK. Yay!

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We are “Weltmeister”!

I just want to celebrate with all of you: We finally made it and won the World Cup Finale!


A always believed in this incredible team of amazing players. Still can’t quite comprehend what happened! The German team is just full of talent: Neuer, Hummels, Müller, Lahm, Schweinsteiger… And of course also Mario Götze, who shot the decisive goal!

Great game and a lot of respect to Argentina for being the best opponent we could have faced!

Thanks to everybody who supported the German Team and let’s continue to play soccer with passion and fairness. 🙂

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30 days later…

I apologize for the lame title but I couldn’t come up with anything more catchy.

So, it’s been roughly 30 days since my last post and it’s time to let you know about our experiment.

I am somewhat sad to report that we didn’t persevere.

We actually just lasted about a week before we caved in and decided to actually eat ‘happy’ and be productive in our last days of university instead of worrying about food each day because we have no idea how to combine all those things we bought.

So yes, we ate potatoes. And yes, I had cheese and my friend had meat.  

However, I managed to have a healthy breakfast each day and I eat a lot of fruit compared to before. Instead of the ‘nutella toast’ I had before, I now eat wholegrain cornflakes with a banana and (soy) milk. In addition I have a kiwi and two peaches. Quite good, eh?

Is Fruits for Breakfast A Good Option?

I also don’t eat after 7pm (unless I’m eating out, then I try to finish before 8pm.), and I do some stretching (almost) every morning. I feel better, though I guess in terms of weight nothing really changed.

Maybe I will try that whole thing again in August, when I have free-time and no worries about my bachelor thesis not being finished on time. 😀 Because until the end of the month, I’ll be writing my heart out to finish that blasted thing as early as possible. And as always, I’ll motivate myself with all things Disney. 

THE classic motivational song: Go the distance from Hercules.


On a side note:

Good luck to the National German Soccer Team in the world cup game against France tonight! 

Also, Happy 4th of July to my friends in the US!



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A Visitor from Germany!

I was so excited for my friend, Kiki, to come over from Germany for a few days. We have been planning this for a while and we had a lot we wanted to do.

On Thursday morning, I went to the tube station to meet her. I had to wait around a bit, for there were delays on the tube from Heathrow and since there is no service in the underground, she couldn’t let me know she was running late. But finally, she arrived and I was happy to see her. We headed home and first of all had breakfast. It was 10:30, after all: Perfect time for breakfast. My landlady had set the table for us already, how nice of her!

After settling in and showing her the whole house, we decided to head into town. We took the tube to my university and collected tickets to the study abroad gala the same evening. There were enough left so that we both could go, even though we are technically not supposed to bring friends. But who cares?  We then started our little shopping tour. First stop: Primark, of course. For some reason I felt the need to buy a dress for the evening, so I looked around and tried a few on. I never liked shopping for dresses (unless it is real fancy ones), but I found one that looked nice on me and was cheap, too. It is a white dress that goes to the knee and made of some flimsy cloth that I like very much. I was never one for stiff dresses that don’t move when you move.

I also bought a matching purse, too. The whole outfit cost me only twenty pounds, so that was a good deal. Kiki got some stuff, too, so we happily marched out of the shop. We also went to H&M, because they had a gorgeous dress displayed in the shopping window and I just wanted to go see how much that would cost. Unfortunately, it was 200 pounds, so there was no way I could get it, but I still think it’s gorgeous. It is turquoise, made of net lace and on top shaped slightly like a corset. Ah, well. Another time. I don’t really have a reason to buy a ball gown anyway.

We were back home in the early afternoon and had enough time to get ready for the gala and check the showing times for The Host. I even had enough time to do an elaborate hair up-do and put Kiki’s hair up in a lovely sock bun before heading out again. We had slight troubles getting my friend into the university, because she doesn’t have an ID card and was not announced to be there as a guest, but since she had an invitation, they let her in eventually.

We had a lovely evening with some of my friends there, the Americans were there and most of my theatre class and we talked to many people. The food was great, they had small pizza pieces and pastries and some vegetables, as well. And heavenly chocolate cake for dessert. Mhhh! The study abroad team gave a little speech and each of us got a cute little teddy bear with an university shirt on. So adorable! Kiki got one, too and we named them later that evening as Edward and Jacob (please do not ask me why, but that’s it now).

After the gala, some of us decided to go have some drinks. There was a cocktail bar close by that had happy hour until 9 or so, so we went there. I drank something eerily like alcoholic and liquid gummy bears. For some weird reason, we all got fake moustaches to put on and some funny looking hats. I have no idea what that was about but we took some pictures, making weird faces. I had originally planned to go to karaoke that evening and take my friend along, but she was tired after the long day (and god knows I understand the feeling of getting up early for a journey), so we went home after our cocktails and watched Breaking Dawn Part 2 before getting to sleep. I had avoided that movie before, but oh well. We didn’t get all the way through because both of us were too tired. And I couldn’t take a single thing seriously about that movie.

The next day, we got up more or less early, because we wanted to watch the Host at noon. My Danish friend joined us at the cinema and the three of us saw the movie together. I already put up the review, so please check that out if you’re interested in my opinion.

After the movie, Kiki and I wanted to walk around the city some more, and we parted ways with my Danish friend because she had other stuff to do. So Kiki and I made our way to Bond Street and looked for Victoria Secret. She had a shopping list from her cousin who instructed her to go there. I found it completely overwhelming. We spent quite a lot of time there, searching for the very specific things on the list. I have never seen so much underwear, so much fancy underwear in once place. We were successful in the end and headed over to the Disney store afterwards (speaking about change of scenery). Unfortunately, that shop is not equipped for grown-up Disney fans, so there were only about 4 shirts I could have bought and they were not even that cool. I would have bought a stuffed animal, but I figured I don’t really need it at the moment, so I didn’t.

We had spent quite a long time in town, so when we came back home, we quickly had dinner (baked beans on toast!) and tried to get ready for the musical we had tickets for that evening. The Phantom of the Opera. For some reason, my friend started getting ready later than I (Facebook is addictive, after all) and we were running late. We literally ran out of the door and to the tube station to make it in time. Of course we didn’t exactly know where the theatre was, so we were running, looking at my GPS and asking people at the same time. We barely made it, though. We stumbled to our seats in the darkness, just as the show was about to start. Phew! The review for that musical is up as well, so feel free to read about it. I am amazed how my feet survived this – I was wearing my heels, and I normally cannot walk in them, let alone running. But they didn’t hurt as much as I had suspected.

That evening we finished Breaking Dawn – so now I know the whole badness of the trilogy. I find it hard to remember that I once liked the story. It just seems too ridiculous to me now. The next day, Saturday, we were planning on meeting with Kiki’s hairdresser and her friend, who conveniently were in London the same weekend. It was the perfect day: sunny, warm, a nice breeze. I finally got to wear my sunglasses, yay! We met the other two girls at the London Eye, but we didn’t go up because it is expensive and it was also crowded. Instead, we strolled along the river and across the bridge to the Houses of Parliament. We took loads of pictures along the way and enjoyed the sun. It was already around 3.30 when we arrived there – we had met rather late and had a lengthy breakfast – and I persuaded the others to go to my favourite pub to watch the Grand National, which is one of the most famous horse races Britain has to offer. Kiki and I were excited to see it, since we both love horses, and the other girls just wanted to go into a pub, so all was well.

We shared a table with two young men who apparently had placed bets on the horses and told us a bit about it. They also offered to buy us drinks, which we graciously accepted after the race. It is a steeplechase, meaning that there are obstacles and the horses have to jump as well as run – which is rather dangerous. Luckily, my friend and I did not bet, we would have lost. We had our favourites, but I believe both of them arrived at the finish line without their riders. What a pity. The atmosphere was great, many people were there and some even dressed up as jockeys with toy horses. We had a great time with our table mates and stayed for over two hours.

Kiki and I went home afterwards and parted ways with the two other girls. They wanted to go to Piccadilly Circus and some other places later. When we got home, we had dinner – pizza. Nothing fancy, but just enough for us. We transferred the pictures to my laptop and looked at them, and we also watched Ted, this movie about the magically living teddy bear. It was cute. We spent the rest of the evening just talking and gossiping and watching funny videos on youtube. For example, the Hillywood Show – they do parodies of movies such as Twilight, Harry Potter or the Hunger Games. It was so sad that she had to leave the next day.

We had enough time in the morning to have a lovely breakfast and get ready without much hectic. We had gotten my landlady a small thank-you present which we gave her that morning before heading out. I accompanied Kiki to King’s Cross and made sure that she was on the right tube back to Heathrow. I would have loved to have her stay with me longer, but school was calling back in Germany. We had a great time overall and I am happy that it all worked out. We didn’t spent too much time on looking at touristy stuff, because we already did that together two years ago, so this weekend was more about seeing each other again after quite a while.

Well, that was that, and next up will be my trip to Amsterdam. I doubt that I will be able to write that today though, so please be patient. There is a History Essay waiting to be written!

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