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Help! I’m a part-time zombie!

Just a quick update today, I’m a super busy person currently. 😀

About two weeks ago, I had a interview for a part-time job at The London Bridge Experience and guess what – I got the job! So now I am part of the promotion team at TLBE and get to dress up as a zombie for work.Zombie Maid by x-a-eOriginal

Pretty cool, huh? But I have to say that the job is pretty tough, too. Especially next week, since that is Halloween and naturally, a very scary attraction in the heart of London will be busy.

That’s the most exciting news, I guess. Other than that, I’ve been trying to keep up with the massive reading for uni, had a few workshops and went shopping yesterday. I also went to the cinema, but that is for another post, as I will write a review of the movie.

So keep your eyes open for the upcoming posts (and the occasional zombie looking for brain food.)

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Choir, karaoke and zumba

Good morning everyone!

It is a lovely Sunday morning and thus time for a new post. I’ve been quite busy the past weeks, trying to get into the rhythm of uni again. But today’s post will be about all things BUT uni.

I have joined the university choir and we had two rehearsals so far. I am very happy to finally be in a choir again. For those who don’t know, I had solo voice lessons for the past two years or so – which is great and helped me a lot, but try as I may, I’ll never be able to sing a harmony with myself. So being in a choir is really making me happy.

We have worked on a different song each week, learning it during rehearsal and then going out on and doing a street performance. How awesome is that? I’ve always wanted to do something like that! It is tremendous fun and most people in the choir are very talented. There will be a Christmas concert on the 12th of December, maybe I’ll tell you guys the details of that later on, if there are some who might be interested in coming.

After rehearsal and street performance, we all head to a nearby pub to just hang out, get to know one another. It’s not mandatory of course, but I think it is a great way to integrate and get to know the others, especially if you’re new. I went both weeks, but only for about an hour – I do have classes the next morning, unfortunately. I don’t know if I’ll go every week (after all, going to a pub can be expensive), but it sure is a lovely idea and I’m very glad to have this new group now.

The other thing I did last week was going to karaoke. We had guest staying at our house that week and we all headed out together on Thursday. I haven’t been to karaoke in a long time and it sure was fun! It was at a smaller bar, not the venue where I used to go last year. I liked the bar and they have a broad repertoire of music, but the DJ wasn’t so good. For some reason, he didn’t turn the volume of the mics up enough and you mostly didn’t hear the people singing very well.

Do you guys know the cup song from the movie Pitch Perfect? (If not, google it!) I know that it is probably not so cool anymore, but I’ve always wanted to learn it but never got anybody to show me. So while we were at the karaoke bar, I found out that the Norwegian girl I had met the very first day at uni (who was with us at karaoke as well) knows it. So we asked for plastic cups at the bar and I finally got to learn that thing! Now I’m practicing regularly to make it perfect and to be able to sing the whole song while doing the cup thingy. If I manage that, I might shoot a video and post it…

Anyways, karaoke was good fun and I am planning to go another time. It is unfortunate that it is only Thursdays, for on Thursdays, there is also zumba.

My neighbour told me about the zumba classes here and I decided to join her and another au pair to try it out. I have zumba for the Wii back in Germany and I like it, so I figured – why not do some excercise. This was last Thursday. The class lasts one hour and god, it is intense! I was completely fix and foxy afterwards, feeling like jelly and desperately needing a shower (which I got of course, since it’s only a ten minute walk home). But it was also fun, I liked the different routines they were doing and apparently they do the same ones each week, so I might at some point actually know them and not stumble around doing everything a beat too late (it wasn’t that bad, but you get the idea). I didn’t even get sore muscles the next day. Yay! I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do this every week, but I’ll try to do it as regularly as I can.

Over the week, I also applied for a few part-time jobs. Got to earn some money if I want to enjoy life here to the fullest! And one of the advertisers already replied and now I have an interview this week! Hopefully it will work out – I don’t really know what they pay or how many hours they’d expect me to do, but I’m sure I’ll find that out. Wish me luck!

Last Friday (which was the Day of German Unity by the way), I went out with some of the au pairs to go clubbing in Camden. It was the first time going to a club since I came here and it was a great night out! (I always love it when you don’t have to pay for getting into the club.) I think it was around 3 a.m. when I got home and went to sleep. We had started with a group of around 20 girls, but in the end we split up anyway, it’s just too much girl power there. 😀 The club we went to is called Ice Wharf, you should check it out if you’re in the area.

Well, I guess that’s it, folks! I’ll now enjoy my sunday watching series and listening to music and all that jazz. Hopefully, you’ll have an equally lovely day and stay tuned for the next post (which will probably come by the end of the week).

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Celebrar, trabajar y relajar

Saludos! Qué tal? Aquí todo está bien. Tengo mucho trabajo y cada día es diferente que el próxima. Perdon que no he escrito mucho, pero las noches normalmente relajo y no tengo la paciencia para escribir. Pues, ahora si!

Ok, I’m not gonna say “Oh, it’s so hot” because that is getting old. Yes, it’s summer and yes, it is hot and sometimes miserably so, but I’m getting used to the temperatures. For the first time, I’m sleeping without a blanket; otherwise I wouldn’t sleep at all. But that’s perfectly fine.

The internship is going very well, I get new and different and interesting stuff to do every day. Today, I went with a colleague to interview someone at a restaurant. Yesterday, I was working through a very long excel sheet. The day before, I prepared letters and did some translating. So as you see, there is plenty to do and the people there appreciate my help. I really hope this will result in a nice certificate that I can use in future applications.

Last weekend, I went out with my roommate and another friend of hers to a bar that is quite famous around her, god knows why. As usual, we got there early by Spanish standards and ended up at the street festival that was taking place close by. There were bands, a lot of weird people, beer vendors and dogs. The music was ok, but in the beginning it was rather slow and well, not fit for dancing and merriment. At around 11pm, the bar finally opened and we got a table. The bar is called Bar Marsella, though most people just say “the absinth bar” – because that’s what you drink there, generally. The girls ordered some and I did try, but oh no, absinth is not for me. It smells like anis or something like that, but it doesn’t taste all that nice.

We spent over an hour in there, watching as the people milled in. It was almost unbearably loud in the end; the room was full of Spanish and other people shouting at each other to understand. The bar itself is the ugliest place I’ve ever seen, by the way. Apparently, it is part of the charm that nobody ever cleans around there and the old chandeliers are dusty beyond belief. The bar itself with the beverages is clean, so it is actually because they believe people like this. The bar is about 200 years old, and they try to keep the “old looks”. Well. Mum, if you’re ever in the area, keep away from the dusty place! It’s worse than my room back home ever will be.

When the bar got too crowded, we went back to the street festival. It being past midnight, there was finally some dancing and partying going on. We didn’t join in but rather watched at the weird people. There were some with dreads, coloured hair and clothing that should be illegal to wear matched like that. One guy had plastic film wrapped around his head – I have no clue what that could possibly be for. Maybe he lost a bet. The never-ceasing beer vendors (Cerveza! Beer! One Euro!) tried to sell us some, but we refused. Instead, we watched the police looking for their hiding spaces, where they kept all the six-packs. They got a few, but the vendors apparently have endless supplies.

I was glad to be with my roommate, for I wouldn’t have liked to go home alone. The area isn’t the best and it cannot hurt to walk around in pairs. The other girl left on bike, but since she’s been living here a bit longer, I guess she knows her way. We were back home by 2 am and I was contemplating cooking something – I hadn’t had dinner, I must have forgotten… But I ended up going to bed without anything. I wasn’t extremely hungry; it was more the feeling of “You should eat”.

Saturday (we went out Friday, by the way) my roommate and I went to the flea market together. She liked it, I guess and we spent an hour walking around. I ended up buying a skirt, though we weren’t able to negotiate the price. I got it for 10€, which I think is still a good price. There were a lot of books and she tried to find something easy but interesting to read, but we couldn’t find anything that sparked her interest. So we went home almost empty handed.

Afterwards, we headed out to the beach. We met up with a bunch of other people, some of them I have mentioned in earlier posts, some were new. I was still a bit tired from the night before, so I mainly slept and read my novel, I didn’t feel like interacting with people that much. It was hot, but there was a nice breeze going and I enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I fell asleep a tad too long and thus my arms had been exposed to the sun a bit too much. It’s nothing serious, but I have nice sunburns with a weird pattern on both my arms. This time I had worn a headscarf, so for once my scalp was NOT sunburnt. Yay!

The rest of Saturday and Sunday was lazy. Sunday, I spent the whole day in the living room, since both the others were gone for the day. I worked on some dance choreography and enjoyed sitting on a proper table instead of my bead where my back hurts like hell after a while. I spent some time on the balcony as well, but it was too warm outside. I tried to get some fresh air in my room by opening the window and the door and keeping the fan on all day. Do you think that actually did anything? No. Nothing. It was just as hot as ever in the evening. Even though I hadn’t been in there, no light was on and no laptop heating the room. Still 29°C (at least that’s what my little gadget tells me). So now I simply have the fan on whenever I’m home and try to survive in the nights without it. I’ll have a new appreciation for air-conditioning and German summers, when I’m through with this!

Ok, I think this is enough for now. I will now prepare some dinner (for I didn’t have any yesterday – again!) and enjoy the evening. I hope YOU enjoy your evening as well, wherever you may be right now. Write to you soon!

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