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The Phantom of the Opera – A Review

I had always loved the movie and the music, so I was excited to go to this musical. I went with my friend who was here for the weekend, but unfortunately we were running late – so that we were quite literally running to the theatre to get there on time. We barely made it, but we had to stumble to our seats in darkness, for the musical was about to start. So we didn’t get to enjoy the whole experience of waiting in anticipation for the show.

But in any case, we still enjoyed the musical. We had seats rather high up in the Grand circle, and we couldn’t see the left corner of the stage. Since the important stuff always happens in the center, I didn’t mind. They had great costumes and I wanted to get backstage and steal half of the dresses the actresses wore. Wonderfully coloured and sparkling and all. Really lovely.  I also admired the background setting; they had some kind of 3D-drawing of the beams and curtains and all that. It created a great atmosphere. And the candles in the basement where the Phantom lives, that was rather impressive! I liked the overall setting.

What I didn’t particularly like were the actors. Christine was beautiful, but her voice was not right. She completely ruined “Think of me”, which is one of my favourite songs, and that was disappointing. She hit the notes all right, but the emotion was somehow lacking. The Phantom was also not that great. He seemed to be rather short, same height as Christine, which didn’t impress me. He is supposed to be tall and intimidating, not that smallish. His voice wasn’t as resonant as I had hoped. The others were fine and I wouldn’t complain about them. I guess I just had the voices of the actors in the movie in my mind and they were simply different.

Overall, I enjoyed the show, despite those small drawbacks. I had a lovely evening with one of my favourite stories when it comes to musicals (and of course with my favourite friend from my hometown!). I recommend the show to everybody who likes the classical type of musicals.

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