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Sherlock Filmset

Yesterday, I went with a friend of mine to walk around London one last time. Since we are both huge Sherlock fans, we wanted to go and see the house they use as 221b Baker Street in the series.

Imagine our surprise as we arrived there and saw the filming team! They were filming for season three, right in front of us. Of course, we were not the only ones, there was a bunch of other fans, mostly female, gathering around.

I almost died of excitement as Martin Freeman entered the set and started going through the scene with Mycroft aka Mark Gatiss, who is also one of the producer of the series. I was very happy and tried to take as many pictures as I possibly could – thank the heavens I had a decent camera on me! (Or rather, thank you Dad for lending me yours for the last week!)

We spent over an hour standing there, being geeky and trying to see what Martin was up to. Apart from the whole “There is a famous person over there”, it was interesting to see how a scene is filmed and just how much equipment and staff is involved.

I won’t tell you what scene we saw, nor will I post all the pictures – I’m pretty sure there are some legal restrictions to that. I just wanted to share my excitement with you guys. Of course, it would have been even better if Benedict had been there, but since this was the first time I ever got close to any celebrity, I won’t complain.

And here is a tiny-teeny picture of him:

Dr watson

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