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Improve your life with Disney

You think Disney movies are nothing more than silly stories for little children with characters that burst into song every other minute? Well, think again.

Having grown up with Disney and never having stopped loving it, there are many nuggets of wisdom I have learned and engraved into my heart. Disney is more than a company that produces movies. It is a way of life. Not only do you learn the basics of social interaction – like “Don’t lie”, “Don’t accept gifts from creepy people”, “Don’t judge by appearances” – Disney is also the ultimate way to motivate yourself. To work towards a dream, to go the distance, to believe in oneself and the people around you, to appreciate your family, to never give up. Those are values one should always remember.

Apart from those really deep thoughts that Disney incorporates in each and every movie they do, the stories are just heartwarming, funny and filled with songs that just cheer you up or give you an extra boost when you need it. I cannot tell you how many times a Disney song was exactly what I needed to feel better or to get up and dance around the flat. Humming a song just makes me smile and positive thoughts lead to positive energy lead to positive working outcomes. Apparently, this incredibly easy way to improve your mood has now seeped into the harsh business world, as this article shows. So people, start singing, humming, drumming, whatever it is you do best!

In the (un?)likely case you are in a situation where bursting into song might lead to incredible embarrassment, try the mute version of Disney – looking at Disney art. My favourite way of doing this is by visiting this blog: Oh-my-Disney! Seriously guys, put this onto your favourites, for this blog never fails to make you laugh and jump around in giddy happiness. It is also addictive, so beware! 😉

I guess all I want to express with this post can be summed up with this. Cheers.


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