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Preparation Day 1

Preparation Day 1

So here’s what I got from the grocery store. Mainly soy products, whole grain pasta, tofu, vegetables and fruit.
I spend around 35€ for this, so I hope it will last a while!

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The 30 days Challenge

Hello everyone,

Guess what! Today I am starting a whole new exciting challenge: I will be eating vegan food for 30 days!

You probably wonder why the hell I would do that. Well, I tried to change my eating habits a couple of times, but it was always the lazy way of “Ok, so today I’ll buy some vegetables…”. Needless to say, I never stuck with any of the changes.

So now my friend and I decided to radically change, but only for 30 days. The goal is to persevere and not give up until the end. Until now, our daily food consisted of dairy products, meat, and a lot of wheat products (such as pasta, pasta, pasta and oh, pasta! Also, white bread). From today on, those are completely banned.

We will instead use soy milk, tofu and whole grain pasta. We will eat more veggies and more fruit. And drink tons and tons of green tea, for it helps to stifle hunger and gives some energy. Industrial sugar and any other chemical stuff is also banned. No coke, no chocolate. What’s hardest for me though is: NO CHEESE! I have no idea yet how to survive that.


On Saturday, we sinned one last time: Breakfast with scrambled eggs, toast, marmalade, cheese, ham and orange juice. In the evening we had Italian dinner: pizza with cheese, macaroni with tuna and cheese and coke. Nomnomnom. It felt like the last supper.

Since neither of us knows anything about vegan food, we used the book “Vegan for fit” as inspiration and created our own recipies from there. The book is not strictly vegan, it is rather a low-carb diet with vegan food. We are not going to be vegan in the sense of not buying any animal products at all, we just want to eat differently.

So I’ll infrequently post how things are going, if we still manage of if we have died of hunger (or broken into a supermarket to raid the fridge).

And after 30 days we will be like this: 

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post! Cheers! 

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