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It has come, at last. My time in London is over. Today is the last day, tomorrow by this time I will be back in Germany. It is really sad, but then again it has been five amazing months! What else could I ask for?

The suitcase is already packed – even though there are still things in my room that are supposed to go in there. I have no clue how to fit everything in, but isn’t it always like that? There are so many things that you collect over time and you never notice them until it’s time to part. I am so glad that my parents were here last weekend and took some of my stuff with them, otherwise I would be in a tight spot.

Today is a rainy day, it just like London to say goodbye with such an average day. Some people came and said their farewell, but there are some I’ll be visiting this evening for the last time (at least, for now). I am also watching some last DVDs, for as long as I have access to them: I watched Skyfall and Casino Royale, Inglorious Basterds and Captain America. The kind of movie I wouldn’t normally watch on my own. I had baked beans on toast with eggs yesterday for dinner, something I’ve come to like a lot. I also watched Germany’s Next Topmodel, which is of course rather lame of me. But oh well.

I went to Brent Cross, a lovely shopping center not too far from here and did some small shopping. I have never gone on a shopping spree, so this time was no different. I spent less than 15 pounds on three shirts, that’s not too bad, eh? After that, I paid a last visit to the Poundland, getting some last random things. A book called Combat to Catwalk, a bracelet and some chocolate. So now I’m well prepared to go home.

I hope all you readers have enjoyed my blog for the past months and that you will continue following my life in Barcelona. There will be some changes around here, obviously. This blog needs a new design! Thank you for staying with me, and next time I’ll be writing from Barcelona! Cheers!

Mind the Gap, please!

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Amsterdam Adventure IV

Geez, I really want to get over with this. So let’s do this!

We are on Sunday in Amsterdam, are we not? That was the highlight of the trip. We were going to see the tulips! Honestly, I’ve never been a huge fan of flowers, and I cannot tell them apart very well. It’s either “Oh, red!” or “Oh, yellow!” or something like that. I know roses and tulips and sunflowers. But yes, even I was excited to see the tulips because I appreciate their beauty. And Sunday was a beautiful, sunny day, perfect for this adventure.

We got up early enough to grab some breakfast stuff at the supermarket to eat on the Coach. We had muffins and some fruit, yummy. We were on the Coach for about an hour and the guide told us a bit about the flowers, Amsterdam and the surroundings. Soon, we got to the first fields, but not all of them were in bloom yet. It was still lovely to see the colourful stripes in the fields. The Keukenhof is quite famous for its flower gardens and we were looking forward to it. Not everything was in bloom here, either. But they had put together some pots of tulips along the ways where there wasn’t much else, so it was still nice to look at. Some of the gardens were blooming, though and we spent hours taking pictures of flower arrangements. They also have a windmill in the park and we went inside. I don’t feel very comfortable with heights, and the other two felt similar, so we only took a quick look around and headed out again.

There was an area for people to sit and have picnics and there was a group of people with Bernese Mountain Dogs. Almost a dozen, I’d say – I almost cried when I saw them. Apparently, it was a kind of convention of Bernese Mountain Dog lovers. It started to drizzle slightly and we went into a greenhouse to spend some time there.  I was completely overwhelmed by the humungous number of flowers in that greenhouse. I tried to take a picture of almost everyone, but my camera battery gave out not even halfway through so I had to make do with my phone. It was a good alternative, so I was still happy with it.

It had stopped raining after we came out of that greenhouse and we continued our exploring outside. I can’t describe all that we saw, so I’ll rather upload pictures later. (I know I promised that quite often already). Of course, we also had a look at the souvenir shops and I was very tempted to buy some cheese. I didn’t, in the end, but it was a hard choice. Instead, we had ice cream. There was this shop where you could choose your own toppings and I had chocolate, strawberries and kiwis. It was so yummy!

By four in the afternoon, we were to return to the Coach and head back to Amsterdam. I could have spent more time at the Keukenhof, but oh well. Back in Amsterdam we hunted around for some souvenirs and when it was time for dinner, we went to a posh restaurant. Unfortunately it was a bit too posh for us. We had wanted to have some Dutch food before we left but this restaurant was so expensive, we could only afford the starters. They were okay but not filling and we all more or less picked at the food. What a bummer. We also felt a bit out of place because we didn’t dress up for this – oh, well. After this rather weird experience we opted for a second dinner from the supermarket back at the hotel. I finally got my cheese and also cookies and some fruit. We watched another movie (was it the Junglebook this time?) and enjoyed our last evening in Amsterdam. We were pretty tired after all these flower sightings that day, after all.

The next morning we packed and headed out to the Central Station to get to the airport. It was still early and we had a lot of time, so we had breakfast first. Hannah’s flight was later than ours, but she came with us to the airport. We had slight problems getting train tickets because the machines didn’t take cash, so we bought them at the counter – for 50 cent more than at the machine. Geez. At the airport, we killed some time with shopping around, going through passport control and lazing around. When it was time for Colette and me to go to the Gate, we parted with Hannah who unfortunately had to stay four more hours. Poor her! I don’t remember if I beeped at the security control, but it might just be so. We got on the plane, but we didn’t sit close to each other. Back in London we parted ways at the passport control, where I took a lot longer than her because there were so many European people. When I finally got through I ventured to find a place to buy bus tickets. Unfortunately, there was no way to buy easybus tickets; you apparently can only buy them on the internet. The National Express guy told the woman in front of me that it would be better to get the train, because the bus would take two hours and the next would leave in 50 minutes. I so wanted to get home that I took that advice and looked for the trains. I met Colette again on the shuttle to the train station, but then we parted ways for good. I got my ticket, which cost me almost 20 pounds and waited for the train – which was delayed, of course. But I actually got home eventually.

All in all, it was a lovely trip and I am very glad I went, especially with the two girls. We made a good team and had a great time in Amsterdam. And I can’t believe I finally finished this epic tale!

I know I’m almost three weeks behind by now. I’ll attempt to catch up to today soon. Bear with me – and thank you for reading my blog!

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