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There and back again

My dear readers, I have embarked on a new adventure. Guess where I am – yet again!

London has called me back and I have followed that calling. It has been over a year since I left and I remember telling my lovely host mom and the neighbours that I would come back.

Well yes, I did. And I’m staying with them once again. Yay!

The journey here was relatively eventless. Possibly because I have by now made the trip to London a few times and I no longer get overly excited by that. Everything went smoothly. The flight arrived only about ten minutes later than planned and I got my suitcase without waiting (I actually had to walk quite fast to catch it – otherwise it would have gone around the belt a second time!). The queue in front of the bus was longer than I had hoped but not as bad as last year when I first arrived (remember my very first post?).

At Golders Green I was challenged by the fact that it is indeed no longer possible to pay for your ticket on the bus. I actually had to get an Oyster card for that 20 minute trip, but oh well. I probably won’t get my student oyster card before next week, so now I’ll just use the normal one until then.

I made a quick stop at Waitrose to get something to drink and cereals for breakfast tomorrow – the Waitrose hasn’t changed a bit! I found everything in the same lanes as last year (or maybe they changed it inbetween but are now back to the old way? Who knows…)

At my new home I was greeted by my neighbours, since my host mom is on holidays. I was treated to a lovely dinner (lasagne and cake for desert!) and now I’m sitting in my room, the suitcase is empty and most stuff at the same place as last time I was here. There aren’t many changes around the house, the biggest and for me most tragic, however is: The flatscreen in my living room is gone! Imagine my face when I saw that:

 (Of course, I’m exaggerating. It would have been nice to have, but I’ll live without it.)

Well people, that’s it for today. Over the weekend, I’ll go on a few reconaissance missions around the area, see what has changed. On monday, uni starts with that whole orientation stuff (or in German, because I love the word: Gedöns.)

I’m pretty sure that will be exciting and I’ll tell you about it. So stay tuned! (And subscribe, if you haven’t done that by now…)


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Of calendars and to-do-lists

Hey people!

I figured it might be time for a new entry. I haven’t written in ages, primarily because nothing interesting happened (at least nothing interesting to YOU guys). University has started about a month ago and I have fallen into the same half-zombie mode as usual: waking up some time between 7 and 10 am, going to classes and afterwards going home to eat and relax.  Since we don’t have mandatory attendance this semester, the courses are pretty much empty all the time. I admit I’m not always following the prof, but at least I subconsciously absorb a little of information. And I get to rearrange my folders, clean the laptop, write mails and work on essays. If I stayed at home, I’d just hang in front of the TV and do nothing. I prefer being productive at least a couple hours a day, so going to classes for me is a good thing.

Every Tuesday I go to a small student pub to play table football. I love that because it’s fun, you get to know a lot of new folks and it’s practically next door. It’s a shame my friend and I discovered it only shortly before we went abroad, but now it is a fixed date in our calendars.

Calendars – a great topic to talk about. Do you guys keep one? I remember I never had one until I started university. It is the ultimate symbol of how complicated my life got. In high school I could remember all my classes and appointments I had. I could freely decide to visit a friend in the afternoon and I had pretty much free time every weekend.

I chatted with a friend last week and she asked me if we could meet at some point and I told her that yes, in March there were some openings in my schedule. She didn’t believe me, but it is true. My calendar is a very precious thing and every day something else is added to the already tight schedule. Every weekend I have plans to either visit somebody or to be visited. I am happy, of course, to meet all my friends that I haven’t seen during my stay abroad, but Jesus, the year is short! If I visited all the people who I got to know the last years and who I consider friends or at least close acquaintances, I’d be away more than half of all the weekends in the year. So tough luck, it’s not quite possible, though I’d love to do it.

Do you guys like lists? To-Do-lists? I certainly do. I have one huge big expendable one that consists of everything I need to do this year. I wrote it down because if I tried to keep it all in my head, I’d be going crazy. Exams, presentations, planning the bachelor thesis and my future (which at this point is still rather foggy), getting medical appointments, changing my tires (which involves driving home to my parents because that’s where the workshop is), planning Halloween, Christmas and New Year and throwing in some fun things like karaoke or the cinema. I cannot imagine living from week to week, like I used to and like some of my friends at other universities still do. On the one hand I envy them, because it can be frustrating looking at the calendar and not seeing much free time. On the other hand I love planning and I know it is necessary to be organized. And oh, the happy feeling when I can scratch something off the list! (It happens way too seldom, though). Today I’ll be able to do it, because writing my blog is also on this list. So yay, I have one bullet point to scratch off!

But don’t worry, I’ll keep writing. Got some things in mind for the next entry already. Cheers!

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La salida

Por fin, el último día de mi estancia está mañana. Mi maleta no tiene más espacio pero hay algunas cosas que tengo que llevar. Díos! No me gusta dejar cosas preciosas aquí, pero creo que no hay otra solución… Pues, vamos a ver si todo va bien en el aeropuerto.

I am so happy that this day has finally come. It is time to say goodbye and go home for good. This stay surely was an experience, but I am glad to leave and not very heartbroken. I will miss my colleagues, I guess and maybe even the room – I have built a strange relationship with it. I hate the smallness of it, but it is somehow cosy and I’ve grown accustomed to it. I will not be sorry to leave the flat, I am looking forward to warm showers, clean floors and my own fridge. Add airy and big rooms, a proper bed, a door that closes without locking it and a blow dryer and I’m a happy person. There’s no sadness to the thought of leaving the noisy neighbours and my sometimes also noisy landlady, but I will miss the sun and especially the palm trees. they symbolize Spain for me and I instantly felt better when seeing one.

My baggage is once again overflowing, and I already threw out some stuff. However, I am very reluctant to part with my old Converse sneakers. I love them still, though they are rather battered. I feel bad abandoning them in a place I didn’t feel at home at all times. It just seems wrong. I don’t know if I can figure a way out to bring them back with me, we’ll see. (I know my parents will freak out about this, when they read it… :D)

At work, there isn’t much to do and I leave about half an hour early everyday. It’s summer break and my last week anyway. I have some cake for tomorrow and a cute little parting presentation, I’m sure they’ll like it. Though I’ll miss them, I’ll surely NOT miss my computer. The mouse has taken to not functioning half of the time and it annoys me like hell. Well, it is only one more day.

University stuff has crept back into my daily routine. I am studying for an exam coming up in September and I got my schedule today. I know some of the professors and am not overly thrilled to have them, others are new and I hope they will be friendly and competent. The subject sure seem interesting, there’s a lot of HR stuff since that’s what I specialize in from now on. I also signed up for the buddy programmes, for International Students and for first semesters. I’ll be a busy bee!

Last weekend, I went to the shopping center, just to look around, not to actually buy much (I already knew I had no room in the suitcase). It is a new shopping center, called the Forum and I like it. It reminded me a bit of Fairview, the shopping center in Montreal I went to all the time. I had a Subway sandwich for lunch and it was good to eat something different from noodles. I have tried to have a bit of variation in my food, last week I had rice with eggs and french fries at some days. Changing my diet to lactose-free milk and not eating white bread and the fake-cheese has improved my feeling immensely. I actually feel good most of the time and not inflated. Hopefully, I will be able to keep this up and even improve my diet further.

Just in case you’re wondering, I will keep this blog and post about interesting things every once in a while. I’ll probably switch to German though, or write posts bilingual, depending on the topic. There will be some events happening the coming semester to write about, or I’ll just randomly throw my thoughts at you. Be prepared!

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